Wednesday, 19 December 2012

i am a sloth

Hahaha, I wish I was this cute.

The reason why I said I am a sloth is because I slept for sixteen hours straight -- from 1AM to 5PM. I thought my watch was wrong until I asked my uncle, and he said that it was indeed 5 o'clock PM.

So that was a day wasted. I didn't do much today and I didn't eat or make anything interesting today either. I also didn't blog yesterday so here's a quick update.

My father and I headed to Central and got there at around 11AM for brunch with my sister during her lunch hour. We went to a nice little restaurant called the Flying Pan that serves breakfast all day.

I ordered the Eggs Hussarde with grapefruit juice, as well as a Belgian waffle (which was not worth it; don't get the waffle.)

With a huge splat of butter, too!

After that, my dad decided to ditch me to play badminton with his friends. I think it's sad when you realize that your parents have more of a life than you do.

I took this opportunity to "explore" Central by myself. And by explore, I mean not venturing outside of a 500m radius of the MTR station.

What's cool about Central is that it's built on a hill, basically... so there are a lot of upward slopes.

I also found a nice reminder of where I'm going to go back to after Christmas break.

And you know how sometimes you stumble across an amazing work of art or marketing or painting or whatever? I absolutely loved the design of this restaurant logo/banner. I don't know why. It's so classy and simple and it seems to reflect the simplicity and elegance of the restaurant (even though I didn't eat there.) It just looks so nice!

More pictures of the slopes...

Hong Kong is definitely my favorite place to buy food. Even the supermarkets are better than those in the UK or the US (Tesco, Walmart, Waitrose...) Anyway, these are more like street markets. Which makes them better than supermarkets. They're the original farmers' markets; the West was just jealous.

With very cheap, yummy fruit.

Look at that meat! We use every part of the animal. We're very economical.


Fresh fish. 
See? They're even swimming in tanks.

I love how crowded and narrow the little alleyways are.

More seafood.

I was on Graham street.

Cherries: 2.2 pounds per pound.
Kumquats : 1/pound
Strawberries: 2/two boxes
Avocado: 80p / fruit

I love these incredibly crowded seated areas for food consumption. Only found in HK, I swear. :)

Hahahahahha no. Only in the UK.

Crowded streets! People!
 I wandered the streets of Central for about an hour before getting bored. I've decided that in order to explore a city, I really have to do it with other people. Preferably with people who will help me save time and make sure I go to the cool places and not waste time walking around in circles, which is essentially what I did. Then, I headed to Festival Walk, a nice mall in Kowloon Tong which I've been to countless times before.

Their Christmas decorations were really nice.

Huuuuuuge Christmas tree.

Adult choir singing Christmas carols 

Really nice decoration thingies.
I had sushi at Itamae Sushi at Festival Walk. It's not particularly cheap, but it's quite good. It gets completely full during the weekend nights (even on weekday nights at around 7PM) and you can't get reservations.

I highly recommend the seared salmon nigiri, grilled pork nigiri, soft shell crab hand roll, ox tongue nigiri, and roasted tuna nigiri. I like sushi with warmed meat/fish on top of not-warm rice, so I don't like sushi with raw fish on it too much.

Seared salmon nigiri

California roll and soft-shell roll in the back.

Ox tongue nigiri

Grilled pork nigiri

Seared salmon nigiri

Ox tongue

soft shell crab hand roll

some nigiri (i don't know what it is) with black truffle

grilled salmon... soooo good.

Wagyu beef nigiri

scallop nigiri
Honestly, don't hold back in ordering -- don't go there if you're concerned about money because it really is quite pricey. Also the foie gras is not worth it (they're four tiny pieces) unless you absolutely must have foie gras with every single meal you eat otherwise you have seizures or something. I would suggest trying one portion of whatever you imagine would tickle your fancy, and if you're not full by the end of the night (don't worry about it you'll be full for sure) you can always order more.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my favorite dish in Hong Kong -- this amazing beef sandwich that brings shame to American sloppy joes :) Possibly because everybody in America makes sloppy joes and there is only one "restaurant" (it's not really a restaurant; it's like a Hong Kong-style diner... which isn't like a diner at all) that serves this sandwich. Stay tuned!


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