Wednesday, 7 November 2012

quick updatez

So I've been back at school for two days and this is how it's been so far.

I didn't go to service on Tuesday because, being the Asian that I am (despite not being in Math HL... whoops), I participated in a math contest.

Yeah. Those are my brothers.
Just kidding. I wish they were my brothers, hahahahaha. But not really.

Let's see... what did I do on Monday? I think I had Biology, English, French, and Math. We're not doing too much in any of those classes, but I really like how much experience all of my teachers have with the IB. In the end, what we learn in 2 years is going to be put in the exam, and it's always useful to know exactly how the test is structured and the criteria against which you will be tested so that you know what's coming, and you know how to CONQUER THIS EXAM.

during exams asian
Can I just say how much I absolutely adore this meme.

I've also picked up piano. Well, picked it back up. I stopped in 5th grade or something I think, and a couple of days ago I realized that I had a lot of time on my hands since I came to AC, so I'm going to start using it *wisely* (i.e. procrastinate by piano-ing.) But honestly I've been pretty productive the past few.. well, the past few weeks/the past 2 months ish. I've been getting my work done, studying, reviewing, everything.

This morning, I went to meditation at Asbjorn's (Physics teacher I think) house. It was kind of hard to get up but it was really nice to just have breakfast with four other people... even if it was in silence :( I like having a conversation about the food I'm eating as I'm eating the food. It makes me slow down and really appreciate the food I'm eating, and it also helps me distinguish whether or not I really like a food.
I'll probably update a bit later as well. Toodles for now ;)


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