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Hi there.

snorkeling with sea lions in the galapagos
I’m Natalie, currently a first-year at the United World College of the Atlantic. I was born in the US (but have no ties to it whatsoever), my parents are from Hong Kong (and that’s the place I miss most when I’m “homesick”), and I grew up in Beijing (where all my friends live .) Now that I live in the UK, my parents both live in Shanghai and my sister works in Hong Kong.

And if you were wondering: I have an American accent that is slowly becoming slightly German and British at the same time... with a bit of Canadian thrown in. I don't really sound like a native English speaker anymore. That's okay, though, because now Americans will think I have an awesome accent and will have difficulty figuring out where I'm from. I'll be like the typical enigmatic girl whom guys trip over themselves for in cheesy chick-flicks. Except not really.

A while back, I dug up this poster that I had created when I was in first grade. I said I had wanted to be an ice-skater when I grew up. I've also gone through a marine biologist stage (then I realized, after spending 3 weeks living on a catamaran while island-hopping in the British Virgin Islands, that seasickness sucks, I don't like living in cramped quarters, and it's a chore to take a shower in the ocean.) I believe a journalist stage followed, after which I realized that I didn't want to make a living writing long articles that would be slaughtered by an editor. In 10th grade I was convinced that my life calling was to be a UN diplomat working for the UNHCR, which I don't really see a problem with, but it doesn't sound like much fun. I've also thought a little bit about being a biologist, but I hate writing lab reports so that wouldn't really work.

It's funny because I thought I would do the cliched "finding oneself" thing at boarding school. Except that really hasn't happened because now I have less of a clue of where I want to be and what I want to do. College isn't the "you must go, or else..." thing that it used to be. I don't mind taking a gap year and working as a Starbucks barista, saving up enough to travel, then splurging it all travelling and meeting people. It sounds like a good plan.

I'm not really sure what I want to achieve with this blog. I want to learn how to cook while I'm still at AC and I'm definitely working on it. I eat paleo (without any sugars) but I'm definitely a foodie so I'll *cheat* when necessary. I hope, if anything, this will provide you with a good dose of humor and sarcasm for a day. I write in the hope that on a normal day while you're going about your ordinary life, you'll stumble across my blog and I'll have written something completely profound that changes your world views. A girl can dream!



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